The term ‘Furry’ is a catch-all label that broadly encompasses anyone who has an interest in anthropomorphic animals!

This ‘furry’ interest can manifest itself in many different ways — from enjoying or creating art that contains anthropomorphic animals, to dressing up and pretending to be them at cons or during daily life!

Due to the broadness of the ‘furry’ term, many subcategories exist that have more specific meanings. ‘Furry-ism’ itself is harmless, but it can appear to be very odd to someone who doesn’t share the same ‘Furry’ interests.


Christianity and Furriness aren’t inherently at odds with one another.

Christ never once taught “Thou shall not be furry” nor did he ever give a sermon condemning furriness or furry interests!

However, Christians are called to temper every aspect of living with Christ’s teaching and this includes furriness as one of those aspects that must be tempered.


While everything is designed for furries, you don’t have to be one in order to participate in the community!

Not yet!

The CFF is currently in the process of officially filing for NPO status. We hope to be a federally-recognized non-for-profit organization soon!



All members must be 15+ years of age.

This is because there can be mature topics discussed in the group and we want people to be old enough to participate in the group conversations. We also want to protect those that are younger and choose to err on the side of caution.

The CFF tries its best to hold to scripture on all matters (including LGBTQ+ ones).

The leadership has generally settled on what’s formally known as the ‘Side B’ stance. The issues of sexuality, same-sex sexual activity, and lust are the only things specifically in mind in the Scriptures, while everything else must be approached with wisdom and good decision-making to honor God and genuinely demonstrate love to other people. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a moderator or take a look at our resources on the topic!

No, certainly not!

See the rules for further information about this.

Using slurs, vulgarity, or profanity within the CFF can lead to warnings, mutes, or harsher punishments.

Yes… and no!

The Discord-Side of the CFF features a wider set of channels (such as ‘Fellowship’, ‘Art Galleries’, ‘Bible Studies’, ‘Prayer Requests’, etc)

The Telegram-Side of the CFF features only a single channel.

Both the Discord and Telegram communities can and do share members! Different types of furries also prefer different platforms. And that’s okay!

Presently, each CFF sub-community has a slightly different set of members. We recommend joining both communities!

Events (and other opportunities) may be hosted on a specific platform but are not ‘restricted’ to those communities! We hope to integrate both communities together more strongly in the future.


(And we’re still working on streamlining/improving the process!)

Upon joining, you will be admitted into a ‘welcome room’ where you will be asked some basic questions that include stating your age and whether or not you have read (and agree to abide by) the rules.


However, while the CFF will not stop the posting of images of oneself (provided they follow ALL of the rules that ‘regular’ artwork must adhere to) the CFF does not recommend sharing images of yourself in public channels (due to security/privacy concerns). It is recommended to send potentially sensitive data in private messaging (especially outside of Discord)).


Assuming that the artwork does not breach the rules of the CFF — all kinds of artwork is permitted!

And this includes even non-furry art.

For example, if you wish to share pics of your cooking skills, ironwork, knitting, etc, go right ahead!

The CFF prohibits any and all artwork that is not all-ages appropriate (and this includes referencing to said art via a link or other method). Needless to say, artworks cannot contain material that is pornographic or “NSFW” under any circumstances.

Furthermore, artwork that is intended to be insulting or is inherently degrading (to its own contents or its own audience) is not permitted within the CFF.

These rules apply to all things media/content (anything that can be loosely considered ‘art’). For example, posting an inappropriate meme is not permitted.

The community guidelines are further elaborated upon here:

The CFF does not expressly prohibit the use of A.I. image generators. However, all ‘results’ that A.I. did play a part in making must be restricted to the specific channels OR must feature a disclaimer specifying that A.I. was used (and if applicable, where/how or in what capacity).

The CFF (as an organization) does not presently take a positive or negative stance on the topics of general LLM (Large Language Model) AI.

This may change in the future.


The CFF as a community is Post-denominational! Post-denominational simply means that while our traditions are important, the unity that comes from a proper understanding of Christ is most important. This means that we strive for unity among the different Christian traditions: denominational differences between those firmly within historic Christian belief are not the same thing as sinful, destructive disunity. Because people are limited in their knowledge and perspectives, and because God has decided to work within our limited existence for a time, differences in understanding will arise. These differences are used by God to foster communication and wisdom between groups of Christians that may not feel a need or want to interact. We celebrate our denominations, knowing Christ is glorified the most when we worship and serve through unity in diversity. We only draw “lines in the sand” where God has clearly demonstrated and affirmed is where he draws His line in the sand.

Yes! All Christian denominations are welcome in the CFF.

The only thing to note, however, is that just like any member, members of ‘other denominations’ must respect the rules and treat one another with dignity!

The community guidelines are further elaborated upon here:



At the time of this writing, the CFF occasionally has a formal presence at different furry conventions around the globe. The specific conventions the CFF will be present at will be listed in our EVENTS page! Meeting us at an event is a great time to get to know us in furson. :3


If there are volunteer opportunities available and you are interested in applying, you can apply right here:


While all staff are volunteers, not all volunteers are staff.

Staff are specific, dedicated volunteers that have been offering their time, efforts, and skills to the CFF. While the position itself is somewhat a formality — staff are expected to hold themselves to high standards, both in their work and as members of the CFF.

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