Our Story

We are a community of Christian furries, for furries!

As far back as the late 90s the Christian Furry Fellowship was a small group of Christian furs that had a love for Christ and a desire to share that love with one another.

Long before the CFF had an organization, staff, studies, podcasts, ministries, or even a website it had a small community of furries keeping a dream alive.

That ‘small group of furries’ has since grown into a small community, but the dream has stayed the same!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:

Love one another as furries just as Christ loves us as furries.

Even as the CFF has grown from just a few furry friends into a small community, the original mission has not changed! Despite the CFF’s active initiatives to provide an open haven for Christ-loving furries, loving our fellow fur is the foundation of all that we do.

Over the years, the CFF has sparked various ministries. But in all of these efforts, the goal always leads back to the CFFs core mission — to love furries as Christ loves us. And we don’t expect that to ever change!

Our Beliefs

We at the CFF believe that the Good News is for everyone, furries included!

While the CFF is not exclusively focused on any one denomination or practice, we are protestant. When we do take a specific position or stance, we list them.

To know more about the specifics of our beliefs, check out the below page!

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The Staff Team

We are the dedicated team of volunteers that keep the CFF running!

Founding Director

Jude Wriley


Thomas Maltuin

Lead Coordinator


Head of Moderation

Jacob Syme

A cartoon man looking to the left

Web Developer


Web Developer

Sam Gideone

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